Shanmei Reservoir is the largest reservoir by storage capacity in Fujian Province. It is also a large-scale water conservancy project in Quanzhou that integrates flood control, irrigation, power generation, etc. At the same time, as a drinking water source, there are certain eutrophication problems, which require dredging to sediment of the Reservoir. Haichenhua undertook the Shanmei Reservoir Sediment Ecological Dredging Project since 2016. The project has progressed smoothly since commencement and the environmental protection benefits have been remarkable. The relevant leaders of the Ministry of Water Resources have inspected the Project on site and highly praised and recognized the Haichenhua pneumatic suction pump technology.


Shanmei Reservoir is one of the drinking water sources of Quanzhou and Kinmen, Taiwan, therefore it is of high environmental requirement

The average water depth is up to 40 meters and the range of variation is large. The amount of dredging is large, and large dredging equipment cannot enter the reservoir area

Depositions at the bottom of the reservoir are complex, and the sediment is not suitable for on-site disposal

Long transport distance (7 km) and elevation gain being 30 meters


Customize reservoir-exclusive Pneumatic Suction Pump Ecological Dredger with pump discharge capacity being 450m³/h. The dredger adopts fully enclosed underwater operation, does not disturb the dredged soil layer and causes no secondary pollutions

Facing the difficulty of transporting in mountainous areas, Haichenhua adopts modular assembly to build operation platform. The module is compact and small, and the carrier of which is simple

Equip with cleaning equipment, which can remove all kinds of debris and garbage, and provide total solutions for disposal and utilization of dredged spoil

Add pneumatic booster pump for long-distance transportation and elevation gain



Fully enclosed operation, environmental protective, no disturbance to dredged soil layer and the type of dredged soil layer is not limited to back-silting soil

High mud discharge concentration, being 30%-40% (underwater mud volume). The mud may be transported by barge or by pipeline

Wide range of application. The dredger can dredge various media such as silt, clay, sand, etc.

Adapt to different water depths. This model of dredger may dredge reservoir sediment of different water depths from 0-80m, and the deeper the water is, the more obvious the advantage is


     On March 21, 2018, the Ministry of Water Resources convened the “Outstanding Demonstration Project Review Meeting of Pneumatic Suction Pump Ecological Dredger” in Shanmei Reservoir (drinking water source of Quanzhou and Kinmen, Taiwan). Pang Jinwu, deputy chief engineer of the Ministry of Water Resources and the expert team led by Academician Hu Chunhong reviewed the project and gave review opinions. They awarded the Project the title of “Outstanding Demonstration Project of Advanced Practical Water Resources Technology”.


On March 21, 2018, the Science and Technology Promotion Center of the Ministry of Water Resources convened Outstanding Demonstration Project Review Meeting of Pneumatic Suction Pump Ecological Dredger in Quanzhou. The expert team (name list attached hereto) visited the technology application site before the meeting, reviewed relevant materials on the meeting and listened to the report. After questioning and discussion, the following review opinions were reached:

I. The application documents are complete and meet review requirements.

II. The pneumatic suction pump device is a new advanced environmental-friendly efficient and practical ecological dredging technology that produces no disturbance to waters. It is suitable for environmental dredging of rivers, lakes and reservoirs of different water depth conditions. The device may flexibly adopt different mud discharging methods such as long distance pipeline transportation and barge transportation. The mud discharge concentration is high with small residual water treatment volume. It has been approved by advanced practical water resources technology assessment and listed in the Key Promotion and Guidance List of Advanced Practical Water Resources Technology.

II. By using the pneumatic suction pump ecological dredging device, Quanzhou Shanmei Reservoir Ecological Environmental Protection Project – Reservoir Sediment Dredging Project (Phase II) effectively removed the contaminated sediment, reduced internal pollution sources and minimized the pollution and ecological harm risk of contaminants in the sediment on water and organisms. The Project met the design standards, was operated and managed according to relevant regulations and protected the safety of drinking water. 

IV. The Project is of demonstration and leading effect, and may be widely promoted and applied in water ecological environment protection and restoration field such as contaminated sediment removal, water quality improvement and storage capacity recovery of rivers, lakes and reservoir.

The expert team suggests awarding the Project the title of “Outstanding Demonstration Project of Advanced Practical Water Resources Technology”

Name of Technology: Pneumatic Suction Pump Ecological Dredger Technology

Name of Applied Project: Quanzhou Shanmei Reservoir Ecological Environmental Protection Project – Reservoir Sediment Dredging Project (Phase II)

Technology User: Quanzhou Shanmei Reservoir Management Office

Technology Owner: Tianjin Haichenhua Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

                                                                                           Leader of Expert Team: (Signature)

                                                                                           March 21, 2018