Founded in 2008 with registered capital of 110 million Yuan (Stock Code: 839940), Tianjin Haichenhua Environmental Technology Co., Ltd is a Sino-Foreign High-Tech joint venture specializing in ecological dredging and environmental dredging engineering of different waters. The Company totally possesses 37 inventions and utility model patents. The core technology developed independently by the Company - Pneumatic Suction Pump Dredging System is characterized by its environmentally friendly, flexible and efficient nature.

The Company mainly engages in reservoir ecological dredging and storage recovery as well as lakes & river channel ecological dredging and port water depth maintenance dredging. The new special equipment for dredging, desilting and sand mining that was developed, designed and manufactured independently by the Company have been applied to port channel water depth maintenance dredging, lakes & river channel pollution ecological dredging and reservoir storage recovery. The equipment that the Company possesses can be “customized” for different construction conditions. Being environmentally conscious, offering high quality products, being efficient, flexible as well as economical are always the targets of the Company. 


Develop appropriate ecological dredging equipment according to different working conditions with strong R&D ability.

The new equipment is of wide applicability and suitable for all kinds of ecological desilting and dredging projects such as for sea, river, waterway, lake           and reservoir.

Provide equipment and engineering technology all-in-one service from dredging to spoil disposal and tail water treatment.

Fully enclosed operation, no overflow, no disturbance to water, no secondary pollution at the same time environmentally friendly.  


Reservoir ecological dredging and storage recovery

Water depth maintenance engineering of ports and channels

River channel and lake pollution sediment dredging and Urban Black and Odor Water Treatment Project

Dredging engineering for special construction environments